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Simone Lilienfeld

“I chose the Mercury School of Woodwork because I had so much things that I wanted to build and lacked […]

Louise Matthee

“I knew I wanted to learn more about woodwork, but had no idea where to start. After completing Buster’s Beginner, […]

Sophia van Taak

“You don’t come across someone like Buster Tinsley every day. I’ve attended many of his woodworking classes over the years […]

Shardé Roux

“With Buster Tinsley’s passion for the subject, and his wealth of knowledge, you cant go wrong by attending these courses. […]

Tayo-Maree Carter

“Buster is a brave man – he not only has let me into his workshop but has let me play […]

Jen Deverson

“Buster Tinsley is the best. I did the courses a couple of years ago and have been doing woodworking projects […]