Cupboard Building & Installation Courses 2021

All classes are conducted at our workshop in Paarden Eiland, Cape Town.

Course Information

  • This course, which runs over five days (Monday – Friday) has been offered by us for more than four years.
  • A number of past students have gone on to open their own businesses, with success. It is also the correct installation of cupboards that defines the builder’s professionalism and ensuring client satisfaction.
  • The course has been designed to give concentrated attention to the skills and processes needed to design and build cupboards to professional standards. It will also expose students to the materials and techniques needed to successfully install built cupboards.
  • In order to achieve this, it is necessary to give particular attention to detail, and there is a need to aim for absolute accuracy, as failure to do this can lead to expensive mistakes being made.
  • During the course, students build a bedside unit to take home. This unit contains almost all the elements commonly found during a typical build. We can state that all of these units built over the last four years were completed to professional standards, and almost all of the students were novices when they started.
  • A list of essential tools is also provided, and during the course itself, the use of all of them needed is allowed for. Students do not need to bring anything with them.
  • There is also an emphasis on the use of computer software when designing cupboards, as well as using the software to produce cutting lists. The making up of such lists on a manual basis is also dealt with.
  • Our aim is to put students in a position where they will be able, with some practice, to build both kitchen and bedroom cupboards on their own.
  • The maximum class size is twelve, to ensure personal attention.
  • Course also features a visit to a prominent supplier of cupboard hardware.
  • The cost of this course is R7 800-00, inclusive of all materials and the use of any tools needed.

Our courses fill up quickly, should your preferred date be fully booked we can add you to the waitlist.

Weekday classes are held from Monday to Friday.

Each of these courses last about 5 hours (10h00 – 15h00.)

Next Starting Dates:
8th February
15th March
17th May
14th June
30th August
29th November


“I chose the Mercury School of Woodwork because I had so much things that I wanted to build and lacked the knowledge and had no idea where to start. Buster’s comprehensive courses enabled me to find my feet, and his amazing after-course care and generosity with advice helped me to realize every project I wanted to tackle. I would highly recommend the courses to anyone, even if you just want to a know a bit more about DIY to someone launching themselves into a new carpentry career – just do it!”

“I knew I wanted to learn more about woodwork, but had no idea where to start. After completing Buster’s Beginner, Intermediate and Advance course I am excited about all the possibilities that lies in front of me. I met so many people from all walks of life. Some were about to retire, some are just starting out in their new careers, but all of us were inspired and in awe of the knowledge and experiences shared by Buster. I now have the confidence to start creating because I now not only know which tools to use but also where to go for advice and help.”

“You don’t come across someone like Buster Tinsley every day. I’ve attended many of his woodworking classes over the years and am still astounded by the man’s carpentry skills and know how. But not only that – he shares this seemingly endless knowledge so freely, almost as if he himself doesn’t realize how valuable a mentor he is. There’s not a single tool in my workshop that I didn’t first discuss with him before buying – he’s advice is rock solid. And I’ve asked MANY a stupid question, which has always been answered with a kind patience. Go to Buster’s, you will not regret it. I’m very thankful for having this gentleman as my “uncle in the carpentry business”!

“With Buster Tinsley’s passion for the subject, and his wealth of knowledge, you cant go wrong by attending these courses. Not only does Buster divulge a wealth of useful tips and tricks, he also demonstrates the practical applications of woodwork skills and supervises projects that allows you to put to practice the skill sets you have learned. I would recommend these courses to anyone with an interest in working with their hands.”

“Buster is a brave man – he not only has let me into his workshop but has let me play with power tools! The school has given me a new creative outlet while making sure I work properly and safely.”

“Buster Tinsley is the best. I did the courses a couple of years ago and have been doing woodworking projects ever since. A truly enriching experience. Yay for the Mercury School of Woodwork.”